Fun in Gensan is a blend of Eco-cultural exploration and modern day thrills and adventure. Adven-tour can start with a warm dip in some of Gensan’s cold spring resort or a dive on it’s pristine tropical beach front. For adrenaline river experience, one can also visit Siguel River for water tubing. All of there are within a 30 minute ride from the city through world class paved road.

The Highlands of Klaja Eco Park awaits your visit. It offers experience one can’t forget from hiking through its crystal clear river to scrambling the boulders of the 12 waterfalls of Amsicong to rock climbing the faces of Malakong Wall to bat watching on the thousand meter wide fruit eating flying foxes at Nopol Hills. Added this is a hands-on experience on indigenous way of cooking using bamboo and a camping trip to Bagongbuhay Peak that offers scenic view of the city and its surrounding provinces.

Up on the western side of the city El Minit Geyser. It is situated on the boundary between Gensan and T’boli of South Cotabato. This rare geographic wonders that blows hot water up to 2-3 meters high similar to fountain, is a unique experience to one’s soul as this could be the only geyser in the country today.


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