Resort Address Tel. No.
ADC Family Resort Brgy. Apopong, National Highway
CDC Beach Resort Cabu, Brgy. Bawing
Cebans Garden Resort Prk. 4, Brgy. Baluan, GSC 552-4457
El Amor Resort N.L.S.A Rd. Brgy. Lagao 301-3551/304-0403
El Pueblo Resort Dacera Estate, Mabuhay Rd., GSC
Gensan View Resort Nursery Rd. Brgy. Lagao 302-8237
LC5 Farm Resort Romana Estate, Mabuhay Rd., GSC
Lagare Springfield Resort Brgy. Apopong, National Highway
Maharlika Beach Resort Cabu, Brgy. Bawing
Olaer Swimming Pool Brgy. Apopong, National Highway
Rajah Beach Resort Cabu, Brgy. Bawing
Tropicana Beach Resort Cabu, Brgy. Bawing 380-7327
Watergran Beach Resort Prk. Ilang, Brgy. Bawing 552-3587
Wood Breeze Resort Prk. 14, Brgy. Katangawan

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  3. Grace says:

    how much entrance fee of adult in Olaer beach resort?

  4. jannah says:

    any additional info bout lagare springfield resort?
    contact number?
    entrance fee?
    location pls…

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